Healthy People. Healthy Planet.

We work to  solve today’s most pressing health & development challenges


A Strong Foundation for  Decision Making:

A strong foundation of knowledge and understanding is necessary to move the needle on critical issues.


Defining the Path Forward:

We work closely with partners to define clear and measurable goals, and develop actionable strategies for effecting change.


Translating Evidence to Impact:

We believe that data and evidence is powerful, but only when it is effectively communicated to those in positions to make an impact.

We work across a range of health and development issue areas.

We can quickly and effectively build expert teams to respond to the needs of our partners on a variety of issues, including our core focus areas:

Agriculture  and Nutrition

Agriculture and nutrition play a critical role in the development and overall health of a country.

Women, Children,  and Adolescents

The Sustainable Development Goals offer a framework for a more holistic approach to health.

Non- Communicable  Diseases

Transforming the landscape of health in low-income countries.

Communicable  Diseases

HIV, TB, and Malaria continue to present new challenges, as well as interventions for prevention.

Quality and  Affordable  Healthcare

Working closely with partners to ensure quality health care options.

Environment and  Climate Change

Protecting the environment and mitigating climate change that directly impact health issues.

We are an agile network of results-oriented, passionate global health and development professionals.

Creating strategic, targeted solutions.

Say Hello.

We work with organizations and individuals who seek to improve the health and wellbeing of communities and individuals in the U.S. and around the world.


Meet the GHV team

Our consulting roster consists of a core team plus a vast network of over 100 expert consultants, spanning the globe, with a range of skill sets and issue area expertise.