Miguel Betancourt-Cravioto

Miguel is a Mexican public health professional with over 20 years’ experience in the design and implementation of innovation in the areas of vaccinology, maternal and child health, epidemiological surveillance, and public health emergencies, in national and subnational government institutions as well as in the philanthropic sector. The focus of his work has always been the improvement of health conditions with emphasis in disadvantaged and vulnerable populations in his home country and other countries in Latin America.

Before working as a full-time independent consultant in public health, Dr. Betancourt-Cravioto served in high level positions in the Federal Ministry of Health of Mexico leading areas of epidemiological surveillance, and preparedness and response to public health emergencies and disasters. In this capacity, he was responsible for developing and implementing nationwide the bioterrorism and pandemic influenza preparedness plans.

In the social sector, he coordinated for over a decade, the international projects and alliances of the Carlos Slim Foundation focusing on the development and implementation of innovation in maternal and child health, vaccinology, genomics and neglected tropical diseases, in Mexico and Latin America. As coordinator of international alliances in health he was responsible for liaising with other funding and implementing organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, theInter-American Development Bank, the International Vaccine Institute, UNICEF, the Carter Center, ISGlobal, PATH, and DNDi, as well as governments of Central and South American countries.

In this role, the main projects developed were the Mesoamerican Health Initiative, the RegionalInitiative for Malaria Elimination in Central America, the Mexican DigitalVaccination Card, and the first therapeutic vaccine against Chagas disease. In these projects he was part of multidisciplinary and multi-organization high level teams for the design and implementation of the interventions including negotiating and securing project funding and funding mechanisms, the design of measurement, learning and evaluation strategies, and the evaluation and follow-up of interventions on the field.

In the area of digital health, he designed and took forward the proof of concept and the implementation in Mexico of the Electronic Vaccination Record, technological platform for the comprehensive management of national and subnational immunization programs. The platform operated in 17 states of Mexico with the registry of over 2 million children and their immunization records.

He also developed the Interactive Platform for On-line Training in Health, a distance learning system in Spanish language which successfully graduated over 15,000 health professionals in Latin America during the last decade.

Dr. Betancourt-Cravioto obtained his MD at La Salle University in Mexico City and trained as a pediatrician at the Mexico City Children’s Hospital. He earned a Master’s Degree in Health Policy, Planning and Financing, and a Doctorate inPublic Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.