Healthy People. Healthy Planet.

Global Health Visions – a woman-owned and operated business – is an agile network of results-oriented, passionate global health and development professionals providing targeted expertise and guidance to partners working on the biggest issues of our time. Our work provides expertise that improves the outcomes and impacts of our partners and contributes to a more just and equitable world. Ultimately, our work transforms ideas into social change through analysis, strategy, and action.


We believe that robust research and analysis are essential components of effective decision-making, program development, and achieving long-term change on the issues we are influencing.

A strong foundation of knowledge and understanding is necessary to move the needle on critical issues.  As a global, independent, and neutral organization, GHV works closely with partners to identify gaps in knowledge, undertakes in-depth research and analysis, and positions our partners to make informed decisions, develop strong programs and advocacy initiatives, and maximize impact.

Landscape Analysis

Map stakeholders, policies or market dynamics to provide a clearer picture of key aspects that will drive organizational and programmatic decisions.

Cross Issue Learning

Draw on case studies from other issue areas to gain insights that inform the development and implementation of your work.

Portfolio Evaluations & Assessments

Map stakeholders, policies or market dynamics to provide a clearer picture of key aspects that will drive organizational and programmatic decisions.

Identifying gaps

Gain a clearer view of gaps in current qualitative research that are delaying progress.

Leverage New learning

Use evidence to inform a stronger understanding of what areas need focused attention.


We know that developing a clear and focused roadmap is essential for any organization to have real and ongoing impact. This cannot be done in a siloed way but instead must be guided through an understanding of past efforts and a look at the future landscape.

We work with partners to gain focus and clarity on the status of their work and define the way forward through our time-tested approach that includes analyzing past efforts, assessing the current environment in which they are operating, defining clear and measurable goals, and developing actionable strategies for effecting change.

Strategic Planning

Define a clear way forward that is grounded in the collaboration of stakeholders, your key contributions, and measurable outcomes.

Research & Evaluation

Map your history, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and other factors to provide an overarching knowledge framework for assessment.

Stakeholder Input

Garner stakeholder input into a strategy or research process to ensure buy-in, ownership, and excitement in the results.

Workshop & Meeting Facilitation

Provide a unique forum for in-depth discussion, collegial interaction, and, at times, important disagreements, to build true consensus.

Partnership Cultivation

Map current and potential partners and develop a strategy to engage them for greater collaboration and cross-learning.

Project Planning

Develop frameworks and action plans for specific projects, from inception to final evaluation.


Identify potential sources of funding and develop an action-oriented, time-bound plan to secure resources.

Global Initiative Development

Advance large global initiatives with a variety of stakeholders, better communication, and a common agenda.


We are not content to see the information we gather and analyses we conduct sit on a shelf and collect dust; strong research is meant to advance progress and make changes.

We objectively work with many different partners, create linkages, and act as a bridge to increase collaboration.  In this role, we find that there is often a disconnect between the technical experts and the advocates seeking to raise awareness and hold leaders accountable. As a neutral and unbiased partner working to transform the world, GHV works to translate evidence to action.

Knowledge Summaries

Capitalize on the evidence that exists to tell the story of global change and impact.

Capacity Building & Assessment Materials

Build evidence-based training and capacity strengthening materials that reflect best practices.

Learning Evaluations

Reflect back on program strengths and weaknesses and lessons learned to engender growth.

Stakeholder Engagement

Bring together partners who may speak a “different language” together to positively enact change.


Gain greater insight into what is needed to better move the needle forward on issues.


Use a variety of mediums, including films and visual graphics, to bring the stories of partners to life, connecting the technical and policy needs to lived realities.