Sarah Lynch

Sarah Hemingway Lynch is a partner to mission driven organizations providing overall planning, management, and execution of complex impact strategies. She has US and global policy and advocacy experience with networks in North America, Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. She also leads the monitoring and evaluation work that is critical to assessing the reach and impact policy and advocacy teams can have in the world.

Sarah began her career as a journalist for news outlets in the U.S. and Europe, including Reuters Television and People Magazine. She subsequently worked on national political campaigns and was responsible for media strategy, policy and events. She joined the public affairs staff at the Risk and Insurance Management Society following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the U.S and the subsequent Enron collapse where she was responsible for media relations, government affairs and member mobilization. She was working alongside experts to influence the creation of, while also learning firsthand the implications of U.S. global policy on other nations. Her feminist perspective came from influential activists involved with Americans for UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) where she served as National Outreach Coordinator and was responsible for building bases of support in key legislative districts throughout the country to advocate for women and girls everywhere. From there, she joined CARE where she spent over 15 years in the policy and advocacy unit. At CARE, she built the global advocacy program, and oversaw the strategy and implementation of cross-cutting initiatives to further CARE’s advocacy agenda and provide insight on partnerships and initiatives that are locally led and globally connected. Sarah served as the first trip director at CARE, managing the Learning Tours program as well as, the Citizen Advocacy program and the CARE Action Network, the Women and Girls Lead Global program and elevated CARE’s thought leadership on systems level change and gender equity.  

Throughout her career, Sarah has always worked to listen and amplify important stories to inform decision makers and policy makers when it matters. She was granted a Bachelor of Science in journalism from Boston University. She and her husband, Marty Lynch, left Washington D.C. for West Shokan, New York, a small hamlet in the Catskill Mountains, to raise their three children and run a community coffee shop and market called Marty’s Mercantile.