Case Study

Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)

UICC Strategic Review

The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) undergoes an in-depth review of its progress towards their 2030 goals every four years. In an effort to ensure this is done without bias, UICC engages with an external partner to document its successes and challenges over the four years, identify additional opportunities for the organization moving forward, and to define ways that UICC can increase its impact in the future.

GHV worked closely with UICC and its Strategy Task Force to undertake a robust and comprehensive strategy review. This process included desk research, and in-depth interviews with both the UICC Board and other key stakeholders in the non-communicable disease (NCD) and cancer communities—as well as the broader health and development arena. GHV also implemented a membership survey, to solicit input on member priorities and emerging developments at the country and regional levels, and a second survey aimed at a broad range of UICC partners and stakeholders.  The data was analyzed, together with the interview findings, to develop the final Strategy Review report.

The Strategy Review process and report was used to inform, plan, and facilitate a two-day workshop with the UICC Board and the management team in Geneva, Switzerland in February of 2018. Based on the findings from the strategic review process, GHV recommended priority issues, key themes for discussion, and pressing decision points.

The workshop, facilitated by GHV, provided an instrumental process and platform for the UICC Board and management team to refine UICC’s 2030 vision, and to reach consensus on the evolution of UICC’s roles and priority objectives, in response to the gains already made, and emerging challenges and threats on the horizon. The workshop also provided an opportunity to take stock of UICC’s rapidly growing global membership, and to strategically plan to be both responsive to the needs and priorities of their membership, as well as to enhance deeper engagement and draw on their diverse expertise. The workshop and final meeting report, developed by GHV, will help to shape UICC’s next strategic phase, as well as the next business cycle.