Case Study

Results for Development (R4D)

Primary Health Care Performance Initiative (PHCPI) Advocacy Strategy & Implementation Plan Development

The Primary Health Care Performance Initiative (PHCPI) brings together country policymakers, practitioners, advocates and other development partners to increase the focus on primary health care and improve health outcomes. To achieve this goal, commitments and policies at all levels are needed to employ the best-available evidence to ensure robust primary health care (PHC) systems are in place.

Advocates are critical to PHCPI’s success, as they reach out to decision-makers, use PHCPI data to highlight where gaps are present in the PHC system in low- and middle-income countries, request action to address those gaps, and support decision-makers with resources to make evidence-based decisions.  GHV worked closely with R4D to develop a robust advocacy toolkit to provide stakeholders with the tools and materials they needed to build momentum for PHCPI and compel decision-makers to take action in support of strengthening PHC systems in countries.

Global Health Visions worked closely with R4D to develop a robust advocacy toolkit and strategy to support the launch of the Primary Health Care Performance Initiative (PHCPI).  The development of a comprehensive and focused advocacy toolkit and associated global advocacy strategy were essential to ensure that PHCPI’s robust evidence could be translated into actionable steps. The PHCPI advocacy toolkit that GHV created effectively took technical evidence and ensured that it was accessible for advocates and ultimately, policymakers. The toolkit included advocacy and communications materials, briefs, and messages developed in a user-friendly format that responds to the needs of a variety of stakeholders, allowing non-technical audiences to access and understand the PHCPI data and use it to affect change.  GHV’s work with R4D focused not only on the tools to translate evidence to action, but it was also cross-cutting in drawing on GHV’s strategy expertise to develop a comprehensive advocacy strategy.  In this work, GHV supported R4D in its ability to identify and articulate the potential of the PHCPI for advocacy and policy change; define the advocacy goals and key objectives of the PHCPI; outline key advocacy activities to help the PHCPI achieve its advocacy goals and objectives; identify key events, opportunities, stakeholders, and networks that could help disseminate and promote the PHCPI advocacy toolkit and strategy; and helped to uniquely differentiate the PHCPI from the busy 2015 global health and development advocacy landscape, while also leveraging existing opportunities to maximize impact. Learn more here: