Case Study

The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health

Meaningful Adolescent and Youth Engagement in the GFF: Analysis and Recommendations

Commissioned by the GFF Civil Society Coordinating Group (CSCG), hosted by PMNCH, GHV completed an analysis of youth engagement in the GFF in four countries in order to highlight successes, challenges, and lessons learned, and make recommendations to strengthen youth engagement in the GFF, at global, regional, and country levels.

GHV worked with the CSCG, Steering Committee, and youth working group of the CSCG to synthesize learning from youth engagement in the GFF to-date as well as other learning and best practices on meaningful youth engagement in the broader health and development landscape. GHV completed an assessment of MAYE in four countries through focused stakeholder interviews and desk research and provided recommendations for the GFF Secretariat, Investors Group, country governments, and other key GFF stakeholders for strengthening the meaningful involvement and integration of youth and youth priorities into GFF processes at global and country levels. Finally, GHV coordinated with the CSCG youth working group to develop an action plan for taking forward the recommendations emerging from the assessment and the group’s top priorities.