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Global Financing Facility – Civil Society Engagement Analysis & Strategy

With the Global Financing Facility working to bring together multiple funders to create a new model for financing Women’s, Children’s, and Adolescents’ Health (WCAH) in the SDG era, an understanding of the role that civil society organizations (CSOs) can and should play in this process was needed.

GHV, in partnership with Catalysts for Change (C4C), worked closely with RESULTS Educational Fund (REF) to undertake an independent assessment of civil society organizations’ engagement in the development of Global Financing Facility (GFF) Investment Cases in key target countries, and developed recommendations for CSO engagement in the development and implementation of future investment case processes in GFF-eligible countries. 

In 2015, GHV completed a landscape analysis: Civil Society Engagement in the Global Financing Facility (GFF) - Analysis and Recommendations, an overview of civil society engagement in the GFF's four "front-runner" countries (Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania), which included lessons and recommendations from those experiences, and from other global initiatives (The Global Fund, Gavi, The SUN Movement). A follow-on addendum was completed by GHV the following year, which explored additional progress in those countries, as well as civil society experiences in some of the other GFF countries: Addendum to Civil Society Engagement in the GFF Following the analyses, GHV worked with a consortium of civil society partners to lead a broad-based consultation process to develop a comprehensive civil society engagement strategy for the GFF.  This process included gathering input from over 250 stakeholders from 28 countries, as well as the GFF Investors Group. Learn more here: Civil Society Engagement Strategy.