Case Study

The National Democratic Institute

DISRUPTHER: Gender Equality in Leadership

By offering civic engagement curriculum for adolescent girls aged 12-20, DISRUPTHER utilizes a holistic approach focused on building girls’ capacity and drive for leadership and political engagement during adolescence - a time when their confidence usually declines.

GHV was pleased to support and work with the DISRUPTHER Consortium which launched in 2018 and includes the National Democratic Institute, EnCompass, Running Start, and Women Win. GHV’s work included the development of the DISRUPTHER proposal for a larger application to solicit funding to expand the program. Building on the concept for the program, GHV worked with the partners to develop persuasive and clear narratives related to all aspects of the work, including the problem statement, solution, impact, budget, pilot/target countries, and the monitoring and evaluation plan. GHV convened the Consortium members virtually, soliciting inputs and aligning feedback on the direction and content, to ensure a robust, clear, and actionable vision for the work. GHV also developed a campaign video that clearly outlines the need and approach to the program in an inspiring 90-second clip.

Ultimately, our work allowed the Consortium to establish a solid foundation on the structure, plans, partnership, and messaging of the DISRUPTHER program. While this work was focused on responding to the requests of the application, it ultimately aligned the partners behind a common approach to the work, opening the possibility of additional funding and outreach opportunities. GHV’s support intentionally positioned the DISRUPTHER Consortium to be able to effectively target new audiences, funders, and partners in an effort to enhance the civic and political engagement of adolescent girls through the program’s targeted curriculum. GHV also provides ongoing strategic insights, advice, and support to the Consortium on an as-needed basis, including making linkages and promoting DISRUPTHER to GHV partners and networks.