Sembramos partners with individuals, organizations, and leaders to cultivate fertile ground for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to take root and grow in the workplace.

We conduct a current state assessment, compare findings against where you want to be in order to identify what’s working and where there are disconnects. If we are doing this in the context of an organizational DEI audit, then we provide a report with findings and recommendations.

We build a plan to align your actual and ideal state. How this looks will depend on you and your specific goals and needs. Often this will include training up staff and stakeholders, facilitating discussions, creating strategic plans, action plans, and providing iteration support to cultivate and sustain an inclusive and equitable workplace.

We embed the strategy into your workflows. This could include evolving structures, communications & feedback channels, and tracking key indicators to evaluate progress towards goals and iterations as needed.

Our work is conducted using a combination of lenses including developmental, intercultural, intersectional, anti-oppression, and trauma-informed.