Alexandra Laheurte Sloyka

Alexandra has over 8 years of professional experience in the global health and development area. Alexandra’s skills include Board relationship and project management, advocacy and communication, performance monitoring and event management.

Prior to joining Global Health Visions, Alexandra worked in Washington, DC and Geneva, Switzerland for Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, a public-private partnership working to protect people’s health and children’s life by increasing access to vaccines in lower-income countries. While at Gavi, Alexandra worked closely with the Board Secretary and a wide variety of stakeholders. Alexandra successfully planned and executed projects such as the revamps of the Gavi Board Handbook, data transfer to new platforms and Board meetings on four continents.

Alexandra is passionate about non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Prior to Gavi, Alexandra acquired a broad experience including working for The School for Peace in France to educate and promote respect and solidarity through an interactive and pedagogical exhibition; volunteering at the Capitol Hill Lions Club in Washington, DC to help visually-impaired athletes in training; and developing and coordinating reproductive health workshops for the native Otomi tribe in Mexico.

Alexandra holds a Master in International Cooperation and Multilingual Communication from the University of Grenoble, France, and a Bachelor of Arts in Languages and Humanitarian Relief from the University of Chambéry, France. She speaks English and French.